Is China Updating its Military or Is It Preparing For War?

China has been recasting itself for the world stage and many believe that China is poised to be the pivotal global super power over the next generation. While the Chinese economy still lags behind the robust gross domestic product of the United States, it is growing at an alarming rate and could take over the title has having the largest GDP later this century. China Not Looking To Be The World’s Step Child Anymore

China also has strategic positions in the globe with its proximity to Russia and the asian rim countries as well as its access the vital natural resources. However, China seems to be preparing to exercise its military muscle as well. China has engaged in a massive building up of its military forces not only in terms of men but in means and ability to be able to extend its influence in other areas of the world. China has invested in advance military systems including jets, fighter aircrafts, aircraft carriers, nuclear powered submarines, rocket systems and cyber warfare.

This posses a threat to the western powers of the United States and the United Kingdom who were once the only global powers that consistently exercised its police power across the world. China has taken great strides to beef its image up and has extended its influence as far away as the Caribbean basin where it has funded a number of infrastructure projects and other capital improvement projects. Crystal Hunt thinks that they are not going to be slowing down at all.

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