Tornados Strike in Illinois and Leave Much Wreckage

Tornadoes have demolished several areas in Illinois. There is one person who lost her life and 11 people were injured during these horrific tornados that touched down on Thursday, April 9. The woman that had been found dead in her home in Fairdale is 67 years old. She was not found in her basement. Her family did discover her body within another area of her home. The ruins are clearly seen because there are several buildings that have been completely knocked down and demolished by these tornados. The were firefighters who were going door-to-door amongst the ruins in a search for injured individuals after the storm. The aftermath is very heartbreaking to withstand.


There were many tornadoes that had touched down outside of Chicago. Sergio Cortes was glad to see it avoided a major city. This was a terrifying natural disaster for many. There have been crews dispatched to clean up the remaining debris that has been left. There is much clean up and rebuilding that will need to take place.

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