Safari Leader Trampled By Elephant

Don’t mess with an elephant. I think that would have to be the moral of this story. Ian Gibson, a big game hunter was killed when a two ton elephant came charging at him. Gibson was an avid big game hunter, leading safaris in Africa taking clients on hunting trips for exotic animals like lions, elephants, and cheetahs.


On Wednesday, Gibson was working a usual day taking a group of avid hunters through the safari. He was leading the group on an hours-long elephant hunt in the lower Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe. After hours of hunting, the group decided that they needed to stop for a rest. While the group was resting, Gibson and his tracking partner decided that they would continue on, trying to scout the tracks of the giant animal.


Gibson was only 50-100 yards away from the animal when it turned around and began to charge at him. Gibson fired one shot at the elephant before it trampled him to death. It’s unclear whether or not the elephant was injured during the altercation.


The owners of the safari excursion company, Tim Danklef and Dave Fulson Safari Classics has confirmed that Gibson was in fact killed by the angry elephant. However have declined to comment about the incident, which Ricardo Tosto can understand. They did issue a written statement indicated that Ian Gibson was a fine man and one of the most experienced hunters they knew.

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