San Diego Is Planning To Turn Salt Water Into Drinking Water

California is trying to deal with the worst drought in 1,000 years, and it’s not an easy or inexpensive fix. San Diego is taking matters in their own hands. They plan to open the largest desalination plant in this part of the world in November. That plant will provide drinking water for San Diego residents. The concept is a good one, but just like any other good idea there are some challenges to address.

Opponents of the project say the plant will use a huge amount of energy, water bills will increase, and marine life will die. Converting sea water into drinking water is an expensive approach to the problem, and Kevin Seawright understands it might not work. Other parts of California and Texas have smaller desalination plants, and they work, but the cost keeps production low according to LinkedIn pages.

But the chairman of the agency that supplies water to the towns in San Diego says,” Building the plant is turning out to be a great choice. We did think the concept was expensive 10 years ago but now we believe we can afford it.”

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