Paralyzed Girl Shocks Nurse By Walking

A girl who had been paralyzed from the waist down for nearly 11 days decided to surprise her favorite nurse at the hospital by walking for her one day before she had known her to be healed. Bailey Miller was in a wheelchair and got up to walk over to the woman who had cared for her all this time, and this goes to show that all the hardworking nurses out there in the world truly do care about their patients and this is not just a job to them. Many of them work around the clock with very little sleep or pay raises and give a lot of their time to helping people like Miller recover.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, the doctors have no idea why Bailey’s legs went numb and she couldn’t’ feel them anymore. Sometimes things happen and even the doctors don’t know why they did, but truthfully it couldn’t have been a better day to show the nurse who was by her side the whole time that she had pulled through. This also goes to show how much patients are capable of caring for those in the medical staff, as they trust them with their lives and rely on them to get back on track with their plans in the future. This must have been a very rewarding day for the nurse on staff states AnastasiaDate of Linkedin.

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