Big Sean & Ariana Grande Breakup

Ariana Grande and Big Sean have been together for only 8 months, but their relationship seems to have lasted much longer considering the two started as friends and once they became and item they were everywhere. Unlike many famous couples Ariana and Big Sean didn’t insist on hiding their relationship or make the media think they were anything but in love. Most recently Ariana and Sean have been going above and beyond to prove that they are not in the verge of breakup only to end their relationship overnight which is a popular trend in Hollywood explains Handy.

From the start the two flooded the internet with cozy vacation photos and sweet red carpet kissing sessions, for a time every girl wanted to be Ariana. Now everyone just wants to know what changed. Big Sean insisted on radio interviews that Ariana was his best friend and that they were madly in love, however its clear that that isn’t the case these days.

According to both Ariana and Sean’s close friends the breakup was mutual and was do to their lack of time and constricting schedules. Both Ariana and Sean are touring at the moment and it would be hard for them to maintain a close relationship, however sources say that they remain friends. Maybe they are just doing what is best for them at the moment and the two can find love together again when the timing is right.

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