IRS Watchdog Group Locates Lois Lerner’s Lost Emails – The Virtue of Her Word will Soon Be Put to the Test

In March of 2013, House GOP congressman launched a formal investigation into bully tactics by the IRS during the 2012 presidential campaign. The Tea Party and other conservative groups claimed the IRS stonewalled their applications for tax-exempt status of the PAC applications during the presidential election. There has been good reason to suspect the IRS was used for political purposes. The Tea Party stunned pundits in 2010 by handing the GOP a majority of state legislatures, governorships, and control the House of Representatives despite a strong Democrat majority. Facebook suggests that the fear among the left was that Tea Party muscle might unseat President Obama.

Still, the investigation into the IRS office, which Facebook users say handled the tax-exempt status requests, has been inconclusive because the IRS executive in charge of the department claims her work computer crashed losing thousands of relevant emails. Also, the data recovery department at the IRS claimed the emails could not be recovered from tape archive. It wasn’t until the inspector general for the IRS got involved that the “lost” emails were recovered. Now, a bipartisan group of inspectors is analyzing 35,000 emails of which 6,400 are of particular interest to inspectors.

Lerner incurred the wrath of GOP lawmakers over her recalcitrance to cooperate openly with House investigators. At issue is the GOP suspects the IRS bully tactic was done at the behest of the Obama administraiton. For her part, Lerner has been adamant that no wrong doing occurred. She claims to have broken no laws. The recently recovered emails may soon test the virtue of her word.

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