Month: May 2015

The Alabama State Senate Passed A Bill That Ends Marriage Licenses

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Wow! Just when you think there’s no hope of Alabama recovering from a strong case of the religious red-necking dis-ease, someone in the state House comes up with a jaw-dropping solution to a national issue. Republican Senator Greg Albritton from Minette came up with a solution for the same-sex marriage issues. The Alabama Senate unanimously…

Teen with Down Syndrome wants to Model

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Madeline Stuart is an 18-year-old redhead with big dreams- to become a model. While many 18-year-old girls have the same goal, Maddy has something that makes her stand out from the other hopefuls. Maddy has Down syndrome. Recently, with the help of her mother, Maddy has lost 44 pounds. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thought that…

Save up for 5G

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Every few years a new wireless technology comes out that makes mobile devices faster. For several years, 3G proved to be the major upgrade over traditional networking and it really made what smart phones where doing work. From there, 4G took over and offered drastic improvements and several variations of 4G have come out to…

Research Reveals Troubles with E-Cigs

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Electronic cigarettes (“e-cigs”) are commonly promoted as an alternative to tobacco smoking. In all honesty, inhaling water vapor does seem like a better plan than inhaling smoke. The flavor added to the water vapors in an e-cig further enhances the appeal. While all this may seem wonderful on the surface, questions do arise about just…

GMA’s George Stephanopoulos Ensnared in Credibility Crisis for 2016 Election Coverage

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For the time being, ABC News is standing by Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos in the controversy regarding this undisclosed donations to the Clinton Family Foundation. It turns out that for the past three years, Stephanopoulos has been donating $25,000 a year to the foundation. Thus far, his charitable donations total $75,000. In and…

At 46, Vietnamese ManDiscovers His American Father

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A short time after Louise and Robert Thedford Jr wed, she came across a picture of a Vietnamese woman in her husband’s wallet. Louise suspected Thedford and the Vietnamese woman might have had a child together. Louise went online searching Bob’s genealogy on Family Tree DNA. There was a link to Vo Huun Nhan. When…

Mike Huckabee kicks off campaign with controversial call

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The second Presidential bid from Republican Mike Huckabee began with a catchphrase based on the hope campaign of President Obama and ended with a call for White house hopefuls to give up their current jobs. Huckabee has remained a popular figure amongst Republican voters after he hosted his own chat show on the Fox New…

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