Mike Huckabee kicks off campaign with controversial call

The second Presidential bid from Republican Mike Huckabee began with a catchphrase based on the hope campaign of President Obama and ended with a call for White house hopefuls to give up their current jobs. Huckabee has remained a popular figure amongst Republican voters after he hosted his own chat show on the Fox New Channel, USA Todayreports. The former Governor of Arkansas took the chance to call on his rivals for the White House to resign their government positions as they embarked on the campaign trail as they could not provide the proper representation for their constituents as they continue their campaigns.

Huckabee returned to his hometown of Hope, Arkansas to launch his campaign, a town that is also the hometown of the Clinton family according to Bruce Levenson. During his announcement Huckabee stated his role as the governor of Arkansas an excellent candidate for the Presidency as he had the ability to rule on a day to day basis. The number of Democrats within the state and the fact that President Bill Clinton was also an Arkansas Governor meant Huckabee had the ability to negotiate with Republicans and Democrats alike.

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