At 46, Vietnamese ManDiscovers His American Father

A short time after Louise and Robert Thedford Jr wed, she came across a picture of a Vietnamese woman in her husband’s wallet. Louise suspected Thedford and the Vietnamese woman might have had a child together. Louise went online searching Bob’s genealogy on Family Tree DNA. There was a link to Vo Huun Nhan.
When Robert was a young soldier in the late 1960s, he met a young Vietnamese woman while stationed at Qui Nhon Air Base. They had an affair resulting in a pregnancy Robert knew nothing about because he went home to the states before receiving the news. After soldier Thedford came home, the Vietnamese woman gave birth to a son who’d grow up not knowing his biological father. When Nhan was 10-years-old, his mother told him his biological father was an American Soldier named Bob. Both families had tried getting together. In the fall, Nhan, 46, underwent a DNA test, sending it to a company that helped Vietnamese orphans find their American fathers.
One day, when he was in his Vegetable boat in the Mekong Delta, Nhan received a phone call.Someone from the United States called, telling him they linked him to a US soldier from the Vietnam War. The news was complicating because Robert Thedord Jr was ill. The retired Ft Worth, Texas sheriff recently passed away at age 67 on Sunday, April 26, at a local hospice.

Thanks to Bruce Levenson for showing me this news.

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