Research Reveals Troubles with E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes (“e-cigs”) are commonly promoted as an alternative to tobacco smoking. In all honesty, inhaling water vapor does seem like a better plan than inhaling smoke. The flavor added to the water vapors in an e-cig further enhances the appeal. While all this may seem wonderful on the surface, questions do arise about just how healthy electronic cigarettes are. Based on research, one should not assume that e-cigs come without any woes.

Reports indicate a number of potential problems ranging from the suppression of coughing to exposure to a slew of different chemicals. No one really should be surprised that there are going to be troubles with inhaling nicotine laced water vapors. Yet, a large number of e-cig “smokers” do not realize there may be serious problems with the product. Likely, this due to a lack of published research on the long-term effects of “vaping”.

The irony here is probably not missed by many. People smoked traditional tobacco cigarettes for the bulk of the 20th century never once assuming there was anything wrong with them. Eventually, the sad truth was revealed and the revelation came at the cost of millions of lives according to Keith Mann.

For the sake of those who are daily e-cig vapors, let us all hope the products do not cause cancer or other adverse health risks. For those who are vaping, why not play it safe and just quit the practice today?

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