Save up for 5G

Every few years a new wireless technology comes out that makes mobile devices faster. For several years, 3G proved to be the major upgrade over traditional networking and it really made what smart phones where doing work. From there, 4G took over and offered drastic improvements and several variations of 4G have come out to boost the speed. However, right around the corner is 5G, which is going to provide much faster speeds, but it is also likely going to bring much more expensive processes.

Now, 5G is designed to provide extremely fast data transfer rates. A Nokia spokesperson recently said that a 5G connection would allow someone stop streak an 8K video in 3D. Now, the chances of someone needing to do this anytime soon is not really there, at least in the mobile world. Mobile phones, while capable of holding 8K resolution, would not actually be able to showcase it, as anything 4K and above requires a much larger screen to actually see the improvement. The 5G connection would be more for at home use instead of a cell phone requiring it.

This is also where the price increase is going to boost, at least according to Ivan Ong. 5G is going to bring with it more data streaming, which means someone is going to use more information, which can clog up networks just by being on Facebook or something similar. In order to increase the amount of space available to transfer wireless data, more money will need to be invested, which means higher prices.

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