Teen with Down Syndrome wants to Model

Madeline Stuart is an 18-year-old redhead with big dreams- to become a model. While many 18-year-old girls have the same goal, Maddy has something that makes her stand out from the other hopefuls. Maddy has Down syndrome.

Recently, with the help of her mother, Maddy has lost 44 pounds. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thought that was extremely impressive. This weight loss has given her the confidence to give modeling a try according to Fortune. The Living Dead label heard of Maddy’s interest in the modeling world and have decided to give the aspiring model a try. The company supports models of all types and sizes and said that they are delighted to have Maddy on board for their latest photo shoot.

Maddy’s story is gaining attention in the media, as well as support from people all over the world. Over the past few years, the modeling world has been undergoing a transformation. Waif-like models have been replaced in favor of healthy looking, more muscular models. Plus-size models are even making an appearance. Actual plus-sized models, not an average sized woman that is being labeled as plus. It is time that the fashion industry recognizes that not all women are created equally. It is time to represent the majority, not the minority of women who look like Victoria’s Secret angels.

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