The Alabama State Senate Passed A Bill That Ends Marriage Licenses

Wow! Just when you think there’s no hope of Alabama recovering from a strong case of the religious red-necking dis-ease, someone in the state House comes up with a jaw-dropping solution to a national issue. Republican Senator Greg Albritton from Minette came up with a solution for the same-sex marriage issues. The Alabama Senate unanimously passed the bill. Senate Bill 377 ends the need for a marriage license in Alabama. A marriage contract will replace the marriage license.

Marriage licenses are relatively new. During the early part of the 20th century no one needed a marriage license according to Jim Dondero. Back then, the state only recorded that a marriage occurred. After all, marriage is a contract between two people. There is no need for states to require a license to verify that contract.

This new bill changes the same-sex marriage issue. Anyone can record a marriage contract, and the state can’t dispute that contract. Judges can’t rule against it, and religions can’t say it’s not God’s law. The contract will be recorded in Alabama’s Office of Vital Statistics of the Department of Public Health, and effective July 1, 2015 marriages licenses issued by probate judges are repealed.

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