Month: June 2015

Clinton Correctional Facility Under Investigation

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The New York prison that housed the two escaped inmates is now under investigation for corruption. According to reports, the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York is under close watch from the FBI. Accusations of possible corruption scandals amongst the staff are circulating. According to FBI officials and Zeca Oliveira, they believed to uncover other…

Bo Ryan Leaves a Legacy Behind

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Bo Ryan is going to retire after spending years as the head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team. He’ll coach the next season before he calls it quits. Ryan is in his late 60s right now. While Wisconsin fans are bound to be sad about the news, they should really be happy that Ryan is going…

Greek Banks Shut Down for Week

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All the banks in Greece are shutting down this whole week. The Greek banks were seeking a bailout for their failing banks, however the European Central Bank has refused to help them out which has led to the shutdown. The banks have already been bailed out once, and are seeking to be bailed out a…

How to edit newly created content on Wikipedia

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To make a Wikipedia Article, the author gets two editing options: wikitext and visual editor. The type of editor to be used is determined by the type of article written. Depending on the mistakes on the article, the author may decide to perform a minor or major edit. After editing, the author is required to…

Bills Could Be the AFC East Surprise

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It may seem farfetched that Rex Ryan could actually turn the Buffalo Bills from last season’s loser, into this season’s winner. But hey this is the National Football League and stranger things have happened. This is not to say it is going to be easy, even if Tom Brady is suspended for all four of…

British Men Who Feel That The UK Encouraged Them to Fight In Syria Are Now Hiding From Their Government

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Two British men who believe the UK encouraged them to fight against the Al-Assad regime in Syria say they are now being pursued by their government. It seems that early in the fighting that the UK encouraged citizens to fight in Syria to topple the Al-Assad regime. Some of those men joined ISIS, who at…

Maher Takes the Mic

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Bill Maher has hosted a nightly news show covering day to day political topics for a while now. Maher has always carried himself as an outspoken voice when it came to American politics period it was of no surprise when Bill Maher and his guests called out the media for their coverage the tragedy that…

Hobbes Goes Exploring in Tampa Airport

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Since 1985, children of all ages have enjoyed the adventures of a little six-year-old boy named Calvin and his stuffed tiger “Hobbes” in the the daily Bill Watterson comic strip titled “Calvin and Hobbes.” As reported yesterday, Wednesday, June 17, the employees at the Tampa International Airport understand the importance of imagination in child development….

From Military Base to Nature Reserves

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Over 60 military bases in Germany have been reported to soon be transformed into nature reserves where wildlife can persist. The German Government has agreed to transform these military bases into sanctuaries for rare bird species. Thanks to the government, the armed forces has made it possible for over 76,600 acres of forests, marshes, meadows and moors…

The $100 Dollar Bill Gets A Feminine Face Lift

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The 100th anniversary to the US Amendment is soon approaching. With this exciting anniversary comes much needed changes. The country itself has undergone numerous changes in the past 100 years, including a woman’s right to vote. With all the women’s lib and freedoms that have come, it’s about time someone famous in the history of…

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