Legendary Animal Rights Activist Keith Mann Asks For Donations

There are some people who may raise more than an eyebrow at Keith Mann. To some, he might seem like an unbelievable flake, one of those PETA nuts so radically fanatical for their cause that they even do more harm than good. Not to mention that he has been diagnosed with follicular lymphoma and, in a cosmic slash of cruel irony, he refuses the conventional treatment precisely because of the beliefs that made him famous in the first place. So he’s trying to fight it with a natural diet and holistic detox malarkey, and is asking for donations to that effect.

What, you say he’s not famous? Why, Keith Mann has made a name for himself in the animal rights’ activity front. Hailing from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, he has handed out anti-hunting pamphlets on hunting grounds, liberated goldfish from the fair, freed cooped chickens on farms, protested vivisection in the medical and cosmetic industry, written a book on his exploits, spent a lot of time in jail for his activist hijinks, and run for Parliament on the Animal Welfare Party ticket.

Sounds like the life of Riley? Agree or disagree with his views, you have to admit that he’s a person of single-minded commitment. Or so we’re told. So, if the above saga of this one-sung hero has tugged your heartstrings sufficient to the point where you’re moved to let him shake you down for some cumshaw, visit his Facebook auction page. It could be worth it to see if it really is possible to eat your way out of follicular lymphoma.

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