A Woman Wants To Row Her Boat From Japan To San Francisco Alone

Sonya Baumstein Wants To Row 6,000 Miles Alone Without A Support Vessel

Some people believe Sonya Baumstein is crazy. They might be right, but crazy people do some pretty amazing things. Baumstein had done some crazy things, and she has been successful. Sonya rode her bike from Mexico to San Francisco in 2013. She travel across the Bering Sea on a paddleboard in 2012, and in 2011 Sonya rowed 2,600 miles from Spain to Barbados. She had three male rowers with her on that trip.

Sonya will use a 24-foot-long, 770-pound carbon boat to make the trip from Japan to California according to the FreedomPop review. Sonya has six oars, a ton of food, and three bags of medications. Baumstein wants to row between 14 and 16 hours a day. But that will depend on the ocean and what kind of shape she is in as she makes her way across the ocean.

A lot of people ask her why she puts herself in that kind of danger, and she says it’s for the experience. It’s for the challenge, she says. People have done similar things and succeeded. Sonya might just be another one of those crazy people that shows the world that crazy can get you to a lot of different places without facing the crazy crowds of travelers.

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