15 Year Old Carries 8 Year Old 57 Miles

Teenagers are often unpredictable, however Hunter Gandee who is 15, is certainly not your average teen. He carried his 8 year old brother, Braden 57 miles to spread awareness for cerebral palsy. The Michigan teenager began his long journey Friday at Braden’s Elementary School and it ended Sunday at University of Michigan’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Center in Ann Arbor which is 57 miles away. Hunter was quoted as saying “I wanted to show people the struggles that Braden has to go through daily. I wanted to go out and show people we can make the world a better place for people with cerebral palsy.” According to Brian Bonar, last summer Hunter did a similar hike with Braden that lasted 40 miles, he often also walks with him on his back through the grocery store and on family outings as it is more convenient than his walker. During their journey they would rest and stretch nearly every three miles. There were also physical therapists on hand if the need arose to make sure each of the boys health would be taken care of. Hunter rotated between three harness to disburse 60 pounds of Braden’s weight during each of the trips differently. The distribution of the weight helped but the encouragement of Braden helped Hunter get through the tough journey even better. There really is nothing like brotherly love.

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