Parents Follow Through with Deceased Son’s Wish

Mohamed Fofana was tragically killed on a school field trip with his fourth grade class. The 10-year-old and his class were out looking for fossils near his home in St. Paul, Minnesota when the bluff they were under collapsed. Mohamed’s parents, along with other parents whose children had also been killed or injured during the field trip, were given a settlement for the incident.

Mohamed’s parents, Madosu Kanneh and Lancine Fofana, were recently going through some of his things when they found a journal that he had kept. Adam Sender knew that it would be interesting. In his journal, his parents found a list of wishes that he had made. The fourth grader wrote that if was elected President that he would make sure that kids had enough money in their school so that they could learn to read and have soccer fields to play in. His parent’s said that after visiting his father’s native country of Guinea, he was struck by how underprivileged the children were there.

His parents have decided to take their settlement money and make Mohamed’s wishes come true. They have decided to build a school like the one that their son dreamed of in Suiguiri, Guinea. The school will be able to teach 400 children who either had to be sent away for an education, or not receive one at all.

For the full story, check it out on Twenty-two Words.

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