The Fabric of Technology

Tailoring is an industry that has remained unchanged for quite a long time. It has been almost two hundred years since the last revolutionary discovery was made in the world of tailoring and weaving, and conventional methods of tailoring have had no room for advancement.

As we as a society come to an age where technology is an increasingly integral part of our lives, it is not uncommon to see constant advances being made in world of electronics and computerized devices. Inventions are being thrust upon the world constantly, whether or not the inventor has the means to harness the full potential of his invention.

One of Google’s current projects is Project Jacquard, which integrates the functionality of a touch-screen device into one’s clothing. Flavio Maluf finds this technology extremely interesting. The material used in that of a phone screen is made into thread to be woven into clothing, and the hardware of the device is hidden in the garment in the form of buttons or other small and non-intrusive pieces of material.

A video can be found here, showing several tailors interacting with the material and the process of weaving the yarn into various pieces of clothing. Google is currently partnering with Levi’s to release the product in the form of denim jeans, but has not released any information about the released product’s functionality. It will be interesting to see how conductive “smart fabric” will revolutionize the future of clothing, furniture, blankets, curtains, carpets, and anything else we encounter in our daily lives made of fabric.

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