A Trooper Helped A Lost, Elderly Woman Get Home

An elderly woman had gone out for coffee on her motorized scooter one day when she got lost. According to Beneful a trooper came along and escorted her home, keeping their lights on on the car as they drove beside her at six miles per hour. They wanted her to get back safely. They wanted to know that she would be alright.

People in the area were confused by what was happening, as they don’t see something like this everyday. None of us do. People too often overlook the vulnerable and leave them to deal with situations like that on their own. It was good of the trooper to step in and get the woman home safely. It was good of him to make it his responsibility to see that she did. Too many people would have ignored her, and it was very honorable of him to take time out of his day to help her out.

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