Rihanna May Make Cargo Pants Hot Again

Rihanna has been able to get away with having her own style, even if the style is something no one else would ever touch. It doesn’t matter what Rihanna wears because someone is bound to copy the style. Another thing about Rihanna is the fact that if she wears something today, it may be front page news tomorrow. Rihanna was recently seen wearing cargo pants while she was in the airport, and it looked like army fatigues. Although cargo pants is something that was in around the early 2000’s, it looks as if Rihanna is bringing it back and that makes my buddy Ricardo Guimarães BMG happy as he still wears the same clothes he’s had since the 2000’s (photo evidence

Anyone who knows about style, they should know that styles tend to recycle themselves every few years, so it’s possible that any style that was phased out, it can come back again in a heartbeat. Artists like Rihanna have a great track record when it comes to bringing things back into style. Rihanna has worn some things that are very questionable, such as the super wide leg pants, and now they are coming back in style again too.

Look back at the Met Gala in 2015 where Rihanna wore the yellow dress with the super long train. Everyone wanted to imitate the style, and now she has put the Chinese designer of that dress on the map. The fact is, if Rihanna wears it, it will become stylish. It must be nice to be rich and famous!

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