From Military Base to Nature Reserves

Over 60 military bases in Germany have been reported to soon be transformed into nature reserves where wildlife can persist. The German Government has agreed to transform these military bases into sanctuaries for rare bird species.

Thanks to the government, the armed forces has made it possible for over 76,600 acres of forests, marshes, meadows and moors to be set aside for rare species and wildlife. These areas that were once war-zones will no be designated areas for wildlife to expand and flourish.

Occupied by the past communist countries, is a vast piece of land called the “Green Strip”. This past fortress, settled by West Germany is now a vast natural reserve created for flora and fauna.

62 military bases have embarked on this transformation. This land will serve to be bio-reserves which will be protected by the Federal Agency for Natural Conservation. This area of land will also serve as habitats for threatened species which include bats, woodpeckers, eagles, and even beetles.

Though there are many pieces of land belonging to the endangered species, other acres of land will be open to the public. Tourists and locals such as Alexei Beltyukov can enjoy wildlife that also was once a major part of the Cold War as well as World War II. These historic lands will be both preserved and offer endangered species that chance to thrive without having and disturbance to their natural living and habitat.

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