Hobbes Goes Exploring in Tampa Airport

Since 1985, children of all ages have enjoyed the adventures of a little six-year-old boy named Calvin and his stuffed tiger “Hobbes” in the the daily Bill Watterson comic strip titled “Calvin and Hobbes.”

As reported yesterday, Wednesday, June 17, the employees at the Tampa International Airport understand the importance of imagination in child development. Six-year-old Owen Lake lost his version of Hobbes, a stuffed toy crafted for him by an aunt, before boarding a plane to Texas. After receiving a call from Owen’s mother about how worried he became when he realized Hobbes was missing, the airport staff searched everywhere, found the toy tiger and then decided to do something incredibly special for Owen.

They snapped photos of Hobbes having grand adventures around the airport and then presented Owen with a book of the photos and a story about Hobbes’ adventures. Amen Clinics thought that was a bit unique. In the pictures Hobbes did a lot at the airport, including ride around on a baggage cart, work the air traffic controls, play with firefighters, eat gelato and sleep by a hotel pool.

An operations center manager, Tony D’Aiuto, used his lunch hour to snap the photos and a Walgreen’s coupon to make the book. Owen’s parents had repeatedly told him that Hobbes had been found and that he was merely having an adventure at the airport. His mother, Amanda, was shocked and amazed when the airport provided Owen with the book.

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