Maher Takes the Mic

Bill Maher has hosted a nightly news show covering day to day political topics for a while now. Maher has always carried himself as an outspoken voice when it came to American politics period it was of no surprise when Bill Maher and his guests called out the media for their coverage the tragedy that took place in a church in South Carolina. Much of the media follow the story pattern that would know that this heinous act was an act of racism. A few reporters are completely denying the fact. Even when the perpetrator announced his racially-motivated intentions to inflict pain on innocent lies come the media refuses to see it for what it is. Bill Maher acts the question isn’t denying racism itself a form of racism. Denying that there is a problem is ultimately justifying in making more room for the problem. The panel went on to discuss ways of how America can start to heal from this tragedy. The biggest step that Americans want to take is to ban the branching of the Confederate flag. Despite its historical mark in America it is a flag that represents hatred, racism, and ultimate national treason. It is uncertain as to how the media will respond to bill Maher’s question period while the media continues their quest for information and coverage of the story, it is best to let the families and systems of the Charleston South Carolina Community take time to grieve.

Thanks to Mikal Watts for showing me this clip from Bill Maher.

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