Bills Could Be the AFC East Surprise

It may seem farfetched that Rex Ryan could actually turn the Buffalo Bills from last season’s loser, into this season’s winner. But hey this is the National Football League and stranger things have happened. This is not to say it is going to be easy, even if Tom Brady is suspended for all four of the first games of the season they still have to deal with the Jets. The former Ryan team who will be looking to ruin their former coach and then there is the Dolphins have slowly but methodically been building up a strong core of players that are poised to make a deep playoff run.

It should be noted that Ryan, is not dealing with a bunch of bums, he has two great running backs in LeSean McCoy and Fred Jackson, a decent veteran quarterback in Matt Cassel and one of the premier wide receivers in the league in Percy Harvin said James Dondero. As for the defense, it is fair to say he has quality players both on the Defensive Line and in the Secondary. The only question is in the Linebacker corps. All of them are fairly young players with none of them having more than four years of experience. This I would say is a positive, but they must prove ready and able to stuff the running lanes and cover people like Gronkowski who can catch and block for anyone coming out of the backfield.

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