British Men Who Feel That The UK Encouraged Them to Fight In Syria Are Now Hiding From Their Government

Two British men who believe the UK encouraged them to fight against the Al-Assad regime in Syria say they are now being pursued by their government. It seems that early in the fighting that the UK encouraged citizens to fight in Syria to topple the Al-Assad regime. Some of those men joined ISIS, who at that time were also fighting to overthrow the government.

Now that they have returned home to the UK they have begun to hide from their government. In the UK, it’s estimated that 700 men left to fight. Some two hundred are believed to return. Many of these men fought with ISIS but were not involved in terrorist activities that didn’t become well known until after Al-Assad was outed. They claim that their government supported those early efforts. Click here for more information.

They now live in fear that they will be labeled terrorists and sent to prison by the same government that encouraged their participation in Syria. That fear is so great that both of the men who spoke to Buzzfeed did so with the understanding that their identities would not be revealed. They also refused to allow any mobile phones to be brought to the interview says Dr. Jennifer Walden. To date, spokespersons for the Home Office have neither denied or confirmed that such men are being actively sought as terrorists.

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