How to edit newly created content on Wikipedia

To make a Wikipedia Article, the author gets two editing options: wikitext and visual editor. The type of editor to be used is determined by the type of article written. Depending on the mistakes on the article, the author may decide to perform a minor or major edit. After editing, the author is required to provide a short summary of the changes. After the edits are complete, the “save changes” button will be used to post the article to Wikipedia users.

Minor edits
This applies to articles that contain minimal mistakes. In addition, minor editing can be used in content that do not contain too much technical issues. The minor edit box can be used for: formatting errors, correcting typo errors, text rearrangement without modifying content and making changes on content presentation. The option for “minor edits” is one of the options available for use by registered users. Additionally, minor edits do not change the meaning of the article.
Major edits
The final editing step is taking the content through the “major edits” option. To perform the major edits without many problems, the author should discuss the changes they want to make on the article discussion or talk page. If the editing is being done over a long period, {{in use}} tag will ensure that a conflict does not occur when editing. Major changes affect the meaning of the content and it should be reviewed to ensure it falls in line with the editors’ consents. In a major edit, changing one word can change the entire meaning of the article. When performing a major edit, the author does not have to heed to any terms or conditions. However, it is important that the author follows the appropriate recommendations to avoid reedits after editing their content. After completion of an edit, the edit summary should be included to help in saving the changes. This ensures that the article is received in the best way possible by the Wikipedia users.
For large edits, chances of the author losing their work are very high. Before hitting the “save page” button, the article should be copied to external text editors that do not offer formatting options. This allows the author to repost their work even after a system crash.

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