Clinton Correctional Facility Under Investigation

The New York prison that housed the two escaped inmates is now under investigation for corruption. According to reports, the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York is under close watch from the FBI. Accusations of possible corruption scandals amongst the staff are circulating. According to FBI officials and Zeca Oliveira, they believed to uncover other disturbing information regarding the prison from their initial investigation regarding Richard Matt and David Sweat’s escape. The investigation is to include “possible drug trafficking and other criminal behavior among prison employees and inmates.”

The escape already sheds a negative light onto the prison facility as both Matt and Sweat had help with their escape from prison workers. Joyce Mitchell, a staff member in the prisons tailor shop is suspected to have aided in the men’s escape by smuggling power tools to the men’s cells so they could escape through the prison walls and sewer system.
The men were on the run in upstate New York for nearly three weeks before they were caught. Matt was shot and killed a few days before Sweat was captured. Sweat was recently non-fatally wounded and is recovering in an area hospital. He was initially listed in critical condition, however is expected to make a full recovery.
Residents in the area have been on edge for nearly a month due to the manhunt. They had to navigate around several hundred police officers and roadblocks. They are especially relieved that the hunt is now over and everything can go back to normal.


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