Month: July 2015

The Show Place For The Collector

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How does Adam Sender select the next piece of art that will double his return on investment? Is it luck? Does he really have that special talent for picking the right painting or art object? We’ll probably never know the secret, and great instinctive vision may be the answer. Whatever his secret is, he isn’t…

QNet: The Rise and Expansion of International E-Commerce

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QNet, an on-line, multi-level marketing corporation, manufactures 30 different brands in 9 categories. It specializes in health and wellness products under the name Amezcua, where it is Bio Disc and Chi Pendent are growing in popularity. From energy drinks, to skin care, to wristwatches, QNet seeks to broaden its product base, offer business opportunities to…

Purina is Serious About Pet Owners

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Not content with making high-quality pet food, Purina PetCare has created their website with the pet owner in mind. Unlike many websites which simply try to sell visitors a product or service, Purina has added a lot of extra features on to help pet owners with every stage of their pet’s life. The first step…

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson Files for Bankruptcy Protection

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Curtis Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Hartford, CT. 50 Cent, now 40-years old, is believed to have filed for bankruptcy for protection after a $5-million lawsuit was won by Lastonia Levinston, claiming that Fiddy released sex tapes of the couple, intentionally, damaging…

The Middle Class Could be 10 Billion Richer

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President Obama wants middle America paid time and a half for anything over 40 hours a week reports Reddit. By executive decision the president will order the Fair Labor Standards Act increased from just under $24,000 a year to just over $50,000 a year. The Fair Labor Standards Act sets a threshold on salary based…

The Beauty in Joseph Bismark’s Business Plan

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I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first researched the blog post ‘Left Hand Right Mind‘. The name of the blog itself was a bit mysterious and I couldn’t wrap my mind around what the subject of the post was about but to be honest the mystery intrigued me. After reading the blog post…

Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags

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Hawaii Is The First State In The Nation To Ban Plastic and Non-Compostable Bags “If you plan to shop in Hawaii any time soon, you better bring your own bags to your favorite retail stores” a statement from Bruce Levenson who visited Hawaii few days ago. Hawaii has banned the use of plastic bags. Less…

Oklahoma City Matches Kanter Offer Sheet

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Enes Kanter was a divisive big man when he was with the Utah Jazz. Shaygan Kheradpir, a close friend of the 7 foot center was lauded for his offensive prowess while simultaneously scoffed at for his lack of effort on the defensive end of the court. After getting traded to Oklahoma City Kanter began to…

How Star Wars stole the show at Comic Con

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The annual Comic Con event saw the cast and crew of Star Wars: The Force Awakens steal the show with its mix of classic stars Shaygan Kheradpir and new arrivals. A concert of classic Star Wars music was attended by members of the cast, including Harrison Ford in his first appearance since the plane crash…

FreedomPop Foregoes Sale

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FreedomPop is one of the biggest up and coming mobile ‘freemium’ carriers on the market and that made them a popular company to aim to buy. For the past few weeks, as reported by Recode, FreedomPop has been waffling back and forth on the idea as to whether or not they should sell their company…

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