Captured Convict Begins to Shed Light on Prison Escape

Captured escaped convict David Sweat has begun to shed light on the dramatic prison escape in upstate New York that has made international headlines. The convicted killer was captured last Sunday when a veteran sergeant noticed a suspicious man walking along a road in the town of Constable less than two miles from the US Canada border. The Sergeant shot sweat twice and managed to apprehend him before he could flee into the woods stated .

Since being shot and captured David Sweat has begun to reveal the details of the dramatic escape that he and fellow inmate Richard Matt staged more than three weeks ago. From a hospital bed Sweat has told authorities that he was the mastermind behind the escape. The duo had been planning to bust out of Clinton Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison for almost half a year. The day before their escape they actually staged a test run of how they would make the escape from prison for real.

Sweat has also revealed that the original plan was for the convicts to escape to Mexico with the help of prison worker Joyce Mitchell who supervised them in a prison tailor shop where they sewed uniforms for the MTA railroad corporation. After Joyce Mitchell backed out being the getaway driver Sweat and Matt decided to flee to Canada and so the massive manhunt begun. Matt was killed by law enforcement after Sweat left him because he was slowing Sweat down. A huge investigation is being made into the prison and accusations are being thrown at the prison executives, guards and administrators that there was corruption and lax enforcement at Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York.

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