Federal Judge Tells Alabama to Comply With Marriage Licenses

Alabama was holding on to their beliefs, refusing to issue any marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but Federal Judge Callie Granade clarified what everyone already knew; Alabama is legally required to issue a license to everyone.

Justice Roy Moore, a Chief Supreme Court Judge had directed probate judges that same-sex couples could not get a license, arguing that gay marriages in Alabama were invalid.

Initially, even with clarification, Alabama judges turned a blind a eye to the federal order and refused to comply reports Stephen Murray CCMP Capital in this article. Then, judges claimed “religious freedom.”

Citing the state law, which says counties ‘may’ administer a marriage license, probate judges are using loopholes to still refuse.

You would think a federal ruling would solve all this, but not in the bible belt.

Many Alabama probate offices have ceased issuing all marriage licenses. See if you don’t issue any, you’re not discriminating.

Of course, sooner or later every county in Alabama will comply, but it looks like it’s gonna be on their terms.

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