North American Spine Gets Covered on Good Morning Texas

North American Spine is the pioneer company behind the AccuraScope procedure and the whole world is beginning to take notice, or at least those tuning in to Good Morning Texas’s television network, WFAA. PR Newswire first broke information onth e segment that featured Dr. Basem Abdelfattah — a Pain Specialist with North American Spine who lives in Dallas, Texas.

The AccuraScope procedure seeks to help those with dehibilitating pain originating from both their back and neck. The goal of the procedure is to offer a source of pain relief to these patients without forcing them to go under the knife for potentially dangerous and invasive surgeries. Dr. Basem Abdelfattah told viewers that he wanted to “Help patients alleviate pain, allowing them to live life more fully.”

Dr. Basem was emphatic in his support of AccuraScope and lauded the technique as an innovative step forward thanks to the work by doctors at North American Spine. Considered a ‘minimally invasive spine surgery’, the procedure takes around 45 minutes to be completed. Doctors performing the procedure use a small laser with a tip tinier than that of a mechanical pencil. The laser only effects the actual tissue that it touches. Dr. Basem pointed out that the procedure is best used on those suffering from tissue related pain, not bone related pain.

According to the segment most patients leave the procedure almost immediately feeling better and are able to return to their regular work activities within a week. As of this writing we have tallied over 8,000 AccuraScope procedures performed by those doctors with specialized training. Right now the numbers show that AccuraScope has an 82% rate of success.

The benefits of going with AccuraScope aren’t only in regards to pain. Data shows that patients who opt for the procedure end up saving over $20,000 dollars in out of pocket costs related to doctor visits and medication.  Original story appears on PR Newswire.

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