Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags

Hawaii Is The First State In The Nation To Ban Plastic and Non-Compostable Bags

“If you plan to shop in Hawaii any time soon, you better bring your own bags to your favorite retail stores” a statement from Bruce Levenson who visited Hawaii few days ago. Hawaii has banned the use of plastic bags. Less than one percent of discarded plastic bags find their way to the recycle bin. Plus, it cost more to recycle than to produce a new plastic bag. But the plastic bag dilemma is not just about recycling, it’s about where they are discarded. The Pacific Ocean is a dumping site for plastic and Hawaii is trying to do something about that situation.

Not all plastic bags have been banned from the retail stores in Hawaii, however. Bags can still be used to wrap meat, vegetables, fish and for home deliveries. The fine for retailers using plastic bags in Hawaii start at $100 and could go as high as $1,000 a day per violation.

There are over 100 billion plastic bags used in the Unites States every year. The ban on plastic bags in Hawaii could prompt other states to ban them. Some cities across the country have a ban on plastic, and if all states ban them that would put a serious dent in the plastic industry.

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