The Beauty in Joseph Bismark’s Business Plan

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first researched the blog post ‘Left Hand Right Mind‘. The name of the blog itself was a bit mysterious and I couldn’t wrap my mind around what the subject of the post was about but to be honest the mystery intrigued me. After reading the blog post and sharing it with numerous family members and friends I’m quite glad that I gave Joseph Bismark and his insight a fighting chance. Joseph Bismarck is an important figure at the company QNet which manages international direct sales. Bismark gained his experience when he started the Qi-Limited company in 1998. From there Bismark excelled in numerous business ventures which gave him strenuous experience. Bismark is not known only for his business sense but for his spiritual sense as well. After residing in a spiritual community in the Philippines for several years Bismark has found a healthy balance when it comes to health and well-being and the business world. 

Many believe that the business world is hectic, greedy, and stressful. Joseph Bismark has found potential and overwhelming success in a world that many just see as overwhelming. The love that he has for peace, grounded nature, a calm attitude, and basic love and respect for humankind is what sets him apart in this world. Bismark will only produce products and services that go towards helping the spiritual, emotional, or mental well-being of an individual. While technology and its products are an astonishing feat we are living in a world where these products define people and what they value. Bismark uses his business platform to encourage people to work on personal growth as an individual and not just financial growth as a business module. When business owners start to really look at how the products they sell effect those that they market to, commerce becomes a more caring and fruitful practice. 

When asked to describe his business practices in one definitive statement Bismark was quoted as saying, “What can appear as an obstacle for many people can be seen as an opportunity for a leader.” Joseph Bismark has embodied this quote and has left a strong impression on the business world as well as the world of health and well-being.

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