QNet: The Rise and Expansion of International E-Commerce

QNet, an on-line, multi-level marketing corporation, manufactures 30 different brands in 9 categories. It specializes in health and wellness products under the name Amezcua, where it is Bio Disc and Chi Pendent are growing in popularity. From energy drinks, to skin care, to wristwatches, QNet seeks to broaden its product base, offer business opportunities to those interested in franchise and to enhance the lifestyles of its customers in over 100 countries.

QNet is the direct selling subsidiary of the QI Group, who stands on the principle to “Think global and act local.” The Malaysian based company spreads the manufacturing of its consumer products over 12 countries, with a recent focus on India, where it could save 8-12 percent annually in production costs. Its goal is to bring greater revenue potential to those with limited opportunity to earn a living by any other means; however, it has met with many obstacles. The lack of direct sales and multi-level marketing regulations and allowances in India, proved fertile ground for suspicions and accusations. QNet believes that as India moves toward greater legislation that will regulate and facilitate self-employment, in conjunction with the multi-level model, trust will be gained and the country’s economy will benefit.

Although challenges have ebbed and waned for the international e-commerce group, its determination to expand its products and services has continued strong. QNet offers online learning, travel services, coaching clinics to promote a healthy lifestyle through football and has its own philanthropic organization. RHYTHM, or Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, regularly reaches out to international communities, encouraging health and recreation, while providing teaching tools to achieve
greater levels of both.

QNet maintains a vegetarian philosophy and strives to raise awareness about obesity. Its health drinks contain reduced amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners and its personal care products are aimed at life enhancement. QNet has collaborated with Manchester City Football Club of Manchester City, England as the club’s official direct selling counterpart. The deal will provide several branding opportunities to expand QNet’s global business reach and increase their community connection with a sports club that shares its goals and ideologies.

QNet’s commitment to education, wellness, charity and sound business practices is helping to lead the way for online direct sales and multi-level marketing on the global economy.

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