The Show Place For The Collector

How does Adam Sender select the next piece of art that will double his return on investment? Is it luck? Does he really have that special talent for picking the right painting or art object?

We’ll probably never know the secret, and great instinctive vision may be the answer. Whatever his secret is, he isn’t sharing but showing. Over the past two decades, Adam Sender has purchased artwork growing his art collection into a chunk of change. He now has so many pieces of art from paintings to objects, that he has a full-time curator managing his collection and not enough room to store it in his penthouse in New York City. A modest 3600 sq.ft. apartment in the SoHo section on Manhattan, which includes three terraces overlooking the city below.

Anyone who lives in Manhattan hearing the square footage of 3600 for an apartment begins to immediately drool. Actually, living in a spacious apartment of that size still doesn’t allow for exhibiting beautiful artwork. Many pieces of artwork, to be displayed properly for enjoyment, need space, and breathable air around the piece, room to step back and view from many angles. This explains why Adam and his wife, Lenore, moved to Miami, Florida. Now occupying one of their properties in the Miami Area, they intend to create a “Pop-Up Exhibition” in another property they own in that area. Of course, keeping the penthouse in Manhattan to then vacation in the metropolis of city life before returning to their property in Miami that provides warmer weather in the winters.

With their new group of close friends they have made in Miami, the idea of a “Pop-Up Exhibition” site offers them the opportunity to share their interest in art and beauty collected over the past two decades. This would certainly be a treat for their friends, and living so close to the exhibition property, they could certainly get more pleasure from their collection more often.

Possibly they sill has space at their new property to move the collection of vehicles now being garaged in another home in Sag Harbor in the Hamptons. Among the vehicles in Adam’s collection are four Land Rovers, two Benzes, two Porsches, and the prize being a 1973 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible. Of course in mint condition and as shiny as a new penny. Can’t you see that beauty rolling down the strip in Miami, with the top down.

The word is out that Adam Sender is taking a very big interest in the movie business. This may account for the additional home in Bel Air, California. Having a home in the Bel Air community offers an entirely different set of friends, and offers insight into the world of where and how movies are made.

Maybe we’ll be hearing Adam Sender’s next investment picks coming from Hollywood. We’ll have to wait and see.

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