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Vijay Eswaran: A Business Leader For The Masses

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Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman of the Qi group of companies, which used the teachings of Mahatma Gandi when it was initially founded, and still drives the core philosophy of the global direct marketing success. He was born in Penang Malaysia, and through his tremendous hard work he graduated from the London School of…

Cleaner homes than before!

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We are all familiar with the phrase “cleanlinessis next to godliness”. Am not trying to be religious but emphasize on the fact that cleanliness is associated with some supreme being depending on which one you believe in. kids spill drinks on the carpet, accidents are caused by our pets not to talk about our teenage…

Kenneth Griffin And Citadel LLC Bounce Back And Grow In The 21st Century

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The 2008 economic slowdown has had a huge impact on how the world views the financial industry across the globe. For Kenneth Griffin and Citadel LLC the problems of 2008 have proven a solid learning experience that has seen the world view of the company change as they bounced back from the crash of the…

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Is Making Progress

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The city of Newark has faced its share of challenges over the years. Like many older American cities, Newark has seen its population decline and some of its infrastructure fall into disrepair. The main thing that can help combat this type of decline is economic development. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has been tasked…

Generosity And Knowledge Of Eric Pulier

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People Doing Things is what Eric Pulier does and what he has founded. He is a man that does many things to benefit children who are at a disadvantage or who have disabilities. His work includes software programs to help individuals with medical issues get through school successfully. Mr. Pulier is a native of New…

BRL Trust – A Hallmark of Financial Security and Integrity

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Founded in 2005 in Sao Palo, Brazil by Mauricio Ribero, Brazilian investment company BRL Trust was originally formed to offer trust services for private loans. The company quickly expanded and began offering additional financial services to its customers. Today, a decade later, the Anbima ranking places BRL Trust as the largest independent administrator of investment…

A Brief About QNet

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QNet is the main subsidiary of the company QI Groups which was founded by Vijay Eswaran almost two decades ago is 1998. Since then QNet has been though various changes through the years before settling in on its current state. First it was known as QuestNET, but after a few years it changed its name…

Philanthropist Andy Wirth Crowdrise gives back to the Navy Seal Foundation

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  Andy Wirth  has always had an interest in the outdoors at an early age. Wirth is currently the CEO of Squaw Valley ski resort in Olympic Valley CA. Apart from his love with the outdoors, Wirth is a philanthropist that gives back. As a philanthropist, Wirth gives back by providing the support he can…

Economist Want To Know How Equal Do We All Want To Be In A Democracy

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A recent study by Princeton University is going to change the way the nation looks at the political system in America. Researchers discovered that the United States is not a democracy anymore. It is an Oligarchy. Yep, the rich have the power and the money and the people have squat. Democracy is falling apart before…

The History and Rise of QNet Limited

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QNet limited is an e-commerce company that operates mainly in Asia and Africa. The company is one of the many companies owned by the QI Group of Companies. It has its headquarters in Hong Kong. The company manufactures a number of products that it sells through its independent representatives. The products fall in various categories…

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