Investment Services Offered by BRL Trust

BRL Trust is a renowned investment firm in Brazil. It was founded in 2005 and has been in operation ever since. At first, it only provided trust services in private loans. Within its first year of operation, the firm acted as Intervening Trust in more than 100 loans. With the rigor of services offered by the firm, it managed to expand into new business areas such as Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions and Investment Funds Administration and Management. The expansions helped the firm to win the confidence of more investors. Below are the services offered by BRL Trust to its clients:-

Fund Administration
BRL trust is authorized by CVM to offer fund administration services. Its fund administration solutions are innovative and provide investors with good returns. The firm has experts in the area to ensure investments are placed correctly and that the investors are fully protected from market risks. Some of the funds run under this service are hedge funds and mutual funds.
Controlling and Custody of Funds
As a custodian bank, BRL trust is involved in safe guarding financial assets of both individuals and firms. These financial assets include stocks, commodities and bonds. It oversees any transactions involving all the assets under its care. While acting as a custodian bank, the firm collects dividends from stocks and interests from bonds on behalf of the clients. It also handles tax issues involving these assets.

Asset Management
Asset management is another crucial service offered by BRL Trust to its clients. Through this service, the firm manages clients’ investments by ensuring that they are placed only in areas that will offer high returns and present the least risk. It also offers average investors with the opportunity to access investment platforms that such investors may not have access to. BRL Trust continues to generate new investment solutions that are tailored to investors’ needs. Here, BRL TRUST was written about by

Asset Underwriting
BRL Trust recognizes the important of financial capital in ensuring successful business operation of corporations. It, therefore, offers asset underwriting services to corporations operating in Brazil. Asset underwriting services involve helping corporations to raise investment capital through issuance of securities. Investors can then invest in these corporations by purchasing these securities. With its renowned experts, BRL Trust provides investors with accurate information to ensure they make sound investment decisions.

BRL Trust continues to change investment banking in Brazil with its innovative services. Both individual and corporate investors continue to benefit from the services of this investment bank. As an investor looking forward to investing in Brazil, using the services of BRL Trust will greatly improve the quality of your investment.

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