What to Think About Before Creating Your Own Wikipedia Article

It is possible to get onto Wikipedia page about anything, including yourself. If you have been thinking about creating such a page, you need to stop and consider both the pros and cons associated with having a page about yourself. It might sound good initially, but there are some downsides behind it. As long as you weight everything out and determine it is the way you want to go, than you can go ahead and create such a page with Wikipedia. You just need to contact the website and go ahead with the creation. It doesn’t take long and you can have your page up and running before the end of the day.

Anyone Can Adjust It

While anyone is able to write a Wikipedia page, anyone is able to adjust it as well. This means anyone with an Internet connection can log on and change whatever information they want on it. Now, with some pages, the moderators at Wikipedia can tell when someone is fabricated or when something is accurate and over the top. However, with an individual, personal page, this is much harder to do. That is exactly why someone needs to be careful when creating a page. You might want to create a page about yourself, but then once other people find out about it, even if they are having fun with the page they can log on and change anything they want and it might be difficult to know when anyone changes the information.

Because anyone is able to change the content, it might mean you are left safeguarding the page, checking it daily in order to make sure everything is as it should. Do you really want to be forced to do something like that? It might not be what you are looking for or want to do, so all of this is just information you need to consider.

Can Help with Your Personal Brand

On the other end, it can help with your personal brand. Perhaps you want some additional links to your website and want a way to increase the amount of information about yourself, a company you run or anything else like that. All of this is important to take into account when deciding whether or not it is a good idea to have your own Wikipedia article or if you would rather avoid any of the headache that might come along with it.

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