A Brief About QNet

QNet is the main subsidiary of the company QI Groups which was founded by Vijay Eswaran almost two decades ago is 1998. Since then QNet has been though various changes through the years before settling in on its current state. First it was known as QuestNET, but after a few years it changed its name to GoldQuest, only to change it again to QI Limited before keeping its current name of QNet. The business originated in Hong Kong but since the year of its creation has spanned the world and can be found in more than one hundred counties including the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Vietnam, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

In the past QNet had covered a plethora of different business outlets including telecommunications, travel, watches, and even nutritional products. It wasn’t until 2013 that QNet began to focus on just one business outlet: wellness. This can be attributed to the company gaining manufacturing rights in Indian and the creation of an office space in Russia. QNet has its own supply of wellness products which it makes at its numerous manufacturing facilities. Vijay Eswaran advertises his company’s products through motivational speeches which he holds all around the world. QNet’s owner is greatly inspired by the works and teaching of Gandhi and preaches the idea the to help the world you must first help yourself.

QNet does not have an established store front where its wellness products are sold. Instead the company is run by multi-level marketing and direct selling to get their products into the hands of their customers. It is the job of the workers to find consumers but in return QNet will pay them commission that is relative the the number of products they sold and the price of the products. This can change if the company is looking to sell one item more than another one. By implementing the direct selling method workers are able to choose when they work and form their own pseudo-business based on their earnings. The harder they work the more money they will make.

For those who are looking to join the QNet team all that they need to do is go to the company’s website and contact them about becoming a representative. All the information is mailed or emailed to who ever is interested and training can be done online. They have a application that can be downloaded onto any smartphone. QNet even lets their workers have samples of the different products so they can try them out and have a better grasp on how to market it towards future customers. Questions that a representative may have can be answered by the helpful and Certificate for Best Practices winning customer service helpers who can be contacted all day,everyday. (QNet India)

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