BRL Trust – A Hallmark of Financial Security and Integrity

Founded in 2005 in Sao Palo, Brazil by Mauricio Ribero, Brazilian investment company BRL Trust was originally formed to offer trust services for private loans. The company quickly expanded and began offering additional financial services to its customers. Today, a decade later, the Anbima ranking places BRL Trust as the largest independent administrator of investment funds in Brazil.
BRL Trust has divided their diversified services into five categories of financial management.
Asset management. The professionals at BRL Trust help guide and offer investment advice for their individual customers and corporate clients.
Fund administration. BRL Trust is authorized by CVM to act as the fund manager for its client’s investment portfolios.
Fiduciary services. Today’s sophisticated investor demands safety and reliability from their financial advisers. BRL Trust maintains the highest level of integrity and transparency in the Brazilian investment community.
Asset underwriting. BRL Trust is a leader in underwriting securities in the capital asset market. The company always strives to seek the best options for its clients based on their risk profile.
Controlling and custody of funds. BRL Trust offers its customers a sound and safe solution to administer their investment funds. Honesty and communication are key to their success in this area.
Today, under the leadership of its founder Mauricio Riberio and aided by some of Brazil’s most respected financial experts like Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes and Rodrigo Cavalcante, BRL Trust is on track to grow even larger.
These are exciting times in Brazil. In investment terms, the country is the world’s seventh largest economy ranked by GDP. It has the world’s largest Portuguese-speaking population and occupies 47.3% of the South American continent. As the host nation for the hugely successful World Cup Games of 2014 and quickly followed by the upcoming 2016 World Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has propelled itself into a major player on the world stage of sports and national interest.

BRL Trust is well positioned to accommodate the expected growth from these high-profile events. As always, BRL Trust offers the highest standard in ethics and respect of Brazil’s legal system to insure clients outside the country of the safety of their investment funds. BRL Trust prides itself in going the extra step with skilled professionals to assure its clients their investment funds are handled with honesty, integrity and trust.
BRL Trust has worked hard to assure world-wide financial clients who are interested in investing in the rapidly growing South American financial markets they will find safe and sound advice with BRL. (Facebook)

The banking industry can be complex in this region. The professionals at BRL Trust have worked diligently to expand their understanding and knowledge of the complexities of the system for the benefit of their clients.
People have differing needs to save and invest money. Some are interested in providing for their retirement years. Others want to insure their children’s education funds or purchase their first home. Large investors want to maximize the growth of their portfolios and insure the safety of their funds.

BRL Trust recognizes these needs and prides its reputation as an honest, trustworthy and financially sound company. Many investors are looking to Brazil and the emerging market of South America as the next opportunity for high-yield investments. With an impeccable record of honesty with its satisfied financial customers, BRL Trust is poised to enter the next decade as the continuing leader in Brazilian investing.

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