Generosity And Knowledge Of Eric Pulier

People Doing Things is what Eric Pulier does and what he has founded. He is a man that does many things to benefit children who are at a disadvantage or who have disabilities. His work includes software programs to help individuals with medical issues get through school successfully.

Mr. Pulier is a native of New Jersey. He was programming computers on his own by the time he was in the fourth grade. This love of computers translated to the commencement of his own database company by the time he was in high school. His love of learning continued into college where he majored in English and American Literature.

This was not the end of his love with technology and learning. He developed a software program that helps students with disabilities do their schoolwork through an interactive software program. This program evens aids them in doing the necessary testing to move through their grades.

Eric Pulier is even responsible for founding PDT in 1991. This company uses technology to deal with health care issues. It helps to identify specific means to deliver the health services that people need. This ability to make technology work for the better of people drew the attention of the White House.

Mr. Pulier was asked to work in conjunction with the Clinton/Gore Administration to complete projects dealing with technology and healthcare. In his personal business life, Eric Pulier developed cloud services that will better enable companies to work more efficiently, and thus save money.

The cloud services developed link into the internal structure of the company. They can also link into service providers from outside the company to deliver the technological services that may be needed. This helps people connect with the information they need to get jobs done quicker.

As a public speaker Mr. Pulier uses his unique talents to present complicated information in an understable way. He typically talks about technology and how it can be used to better the world around us. He is very popular at technology conferences and summits, but has also been requested at the presence of a couple of Presidents and their cabinets. Eric Pulier’s profile is linked.

He presently lives in California with his four children. As an attentive parent he works to make his community a better place for children. He is a primary donator to the Painted Turtle. This is a camp for children with disabilities. He has helped to design and develop the camp in order to enhance the lives of those who have disabilities and medical ailments.

His donations also extend to other agencies that work to aid children who are disabled and need some extra attention to reach their potential. Truly a generous man who understands that it takes a community to raise a child.

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