Kenneth Griffin And Citadel LLC Bounce Back And Grow In The 21st Century

The 2008 economic slowdown has had a huge impact on how the world views the financial industry across the globe. For Kenneth Griffin and Citadel LLC the problems of 2008 have proven a solid learning experience that has seen the world view of the company change as they bounced back from the crash of the markets around them and looked to help create a legal framework that would guard against similar problems in the future. Under the guidance of CEO Kenneth Griffin, Citadel LLC has developed into one of the largest and best known hedge fund management companies in the world since it was established in 1990.

Kenneth Griffin began his career in 1987 with the development of his own stock trading company operated from his dorm at Harvard University, the undergraduate even went so far as to install a satellite dish on the dorm in a bid to monitor markets in an up to the minute fashion. After only a short period on Wall Street Griffin was seen as something of a prodigy and was guided to establish a hedge fund that would morph into Citadel LLC in 1990 by Frank Meyer of Glenwood Capital. The company quickly grew from an initial investment of $4.6 million to now being valued at $26 billion terms of its own assets and those it manages.

Citadel LLC has not always had its future planned out as it does in 2015, instead Kenneth Griffin had to prove himself a skilled and pragmatic leader during the 2008 economic slowdown. As journalists waited impatiently for news that Citadel had folded in the early days of the economic meltdown, Griffin worker diligently to steer the Citadel ship to calmer waters and keep the company afloat as their rivals fell by the wayside. Throughout the slowdown Griffin made sure Citadel was planning for the future and took the necessary steps to make sure the company has remained a cornerstone of the financial markets of Chicago and the US as a whole.

Since Griffin’s expert leadership dragged Citadel through the problems of 2008 the company has thrived and become one of the top employers in the US financial industry as rated by Forbes Magazine. Citadel has taken a different approach to many of its rivals after the slowdown as the company has worked with US regulators to develop ways of restructuring the economic system of the US to avoid the issues of the slowdown.

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