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We are all familiar with the phrase “cleanlinessis next to godliness”. Am not trying to be religious but emphasize on the fact that cleanliness is associated with some supreme being depending on which one you believe in. kids spill drinks on the carpet, accidents are caused by our pets not to talk about our teenage children who leave a mark of “I was here” in every room they find themselves in our houses. All these cleaning can be overwhelming if you are a busy person.
However, you do not need to be stressed any more with professional cleaners around. They will not only offer the services of cleaning services but regular maintenance of your home. They will ensure that your home is a haven that you always want to come back to.
Handy House Cleaning services ensure that your carpet is well vacuumed not leaving any dust particles on your carpet. The professionals use detergents that are not toxic to wash away the color of your carpet. If you are worried about the odor coming from your washroom, they will ensure that you can eat from the toilet as well.
There are certain few tips I would like to highlight to you if you are searching for house cleaning services they are;
 Charges per hour
As much as you are paying these professionals to do a job in your house, ensure that you are not being exploited. No one is allowed to take advantage of your busy schedule. House cleaning services chargebetween $15-22$ per hour for cleaning. Anything beyond that is exploitation and converse holds the truth.
 Quality of their services
There are some homes cleaning service companies who employ incompetent cleaners. The results are, they are not able to offer the services required. They don’t scrub your walls well actually they leave your house more dirty than it was. This is unprofessional and you need to get a refund. I would advise that you sample the services before settling for a company to do the cleaning for you. You can also ask your trusted friends for recommendations.

There are also house cleaning services that would require prior booking before they can attend to you. Ensure that you book in advance to avoid inconveniences.
There are other auxiliary cleaning services offered by house cleaning services such as;
• Special event cleaning such as graduation parties, weddings and conferences
• Apartment cleaning
• Garden cleaning services
Advantages of hiring home cleaning services include;
• A great work is guaranteed
• Saves time
• They are efficient
• It’s affordable if you have the money
Confirm that the cleaning service that you are hiring has an insurance cover just in case there are breakages in the process of cleaning.
Handy cleaning services founded by UmangDua and OisinHanharan traces its origin from Harvard Business School. All the cleanings services that you require are a dial away. You only need to download the application on your IPhone. The duo is proud of the services that are offered by their company. They actually refer to their company as the Uber that offers home maintenance. Log onto their website and try out their services!

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