Vijay Eswaran: A Business Leader For The Masses

Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman of the Qi group of companies, which used the teachings of Mahatma Gandi when it was initially founded, and still drives the core philosophy of the global direct marketing success.

He was born in Penang Malaysia, and through his tremendous hard work he graduated from the London School of Economics with a socio-economics degree in 1984. Afterwards he worked a variety of odd jobs all over Europe, including stints as a construction worker in Belgium, picking grapes in the vineyards of France, and driving taxi’s through London’s busy streets. These gigs enabled him to see the realities of everyday life for the vast majority living and working in the modern world, and this vision steered him toward empowering others to succeed.

When he returned to Asia in the 1990’s he helped found a multi-level marketing company that would soon morph into the Qi Group of companies he is known for today. QNet is the e-commerce website he is most well known for. Through a dedicated team of Independent Representatives, he has seen tremendous growth in his businesses. Qi Group’s products and services are now available in over 100 nations around the globe.

Besides his business success, he is also a well known public speaker and the author of four books. “In the Sphere of Silence” was published in 2005. In it he talks about his daily ritual of having an hour of silence each and every morning in order to reflect and plan his day. “In the Thinking Zone” was published in 2008 and in this book he reflects on the philosophies that guide his life, and his third book, “18 Stepping Stones” is a continuation of his second book. “On the Wings of Thought” was released in 2011 and is a book of his photography.

Using the principles of peace and success Vijay Eswaran has become a symbol of prosperity and success to millions of people all over the world. He also has a WeForum profile.

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