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The Men’s Shoe Business In The United States Is Not Just About Plain Foot Covering Anymore

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For the first 60 years of the 20th century, men didn’t spend a lot of money on their leather shoes. Domestic shoe companies concentrated on the women’s shoe business because women bought more shoes than men, and they still do. One of the reasons that men didn’t buy as many shoes is shoe companies were…

The Development of Brazilian Law

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Brazilian law shares many similarities to that of law in Europe. As Brazil was once a colony, Portuguese influence has shaped much of Brazil’s legislative system. The separation between Brazil and Portugal, only 200 years old, influences how the judicial system has also been shaped. After the independence of Brazil in 1822, it was not…

Learn More About the Struggles and Achievements of Yeonmi Park

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Yeonmi Park is a defector from North Korea and also a human rights activist on She escaped to China in 2007, and she settled in South Korea in 2009. Her family is well educated and politically connected that had turned to black market trading in 1990’s during the collapse of North Korea. When her…

Advertising Fever In Brazil

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Most big advertising companies have a branch in Brazil for a good reason: Brazilians just excel at advertising. They are incredibly creative people in an emerging market which happens to also be one of the top markets in the world. That means that there is also a need for advertising, there is room for for…

John Textor Soaked Up All That He Was Taught

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John Textor has made a lot of accomplishments in his life, and he has become someone who a lot of people look up to because of that. He has been a successful entrepreneur in the visual media and film industry. John Textor got his degree from Wesleyan University, and he soaked up all that he…

Brian Mulligan: Creator Of The Mulligan Concept Of Manual Therapy

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Brian Mulligan is a trained physiotherapist from New Zealand who is best known for creating the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy. He began his career as a qualified physical therapist in 1954 after completing the required courses at the NZ School of Physiotherapy. Two years after receiving his qualifications, Mr. Mulligan opened his own private…


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We all know there is a bible out there. Did you know there is a bible when it comes to makeup and beauty. It’s true. Those of you who are investing in good beauty regiments, must abide by certain protocols. The protocols we will be looking at today are with the lipsticks. We all love…

FreedomPop Seeks to Expand Global Reach

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Founder and CO Steven Sesar has spoken extensively about how he hopes his company, FreedomPop, can become global players in the mobile carrier marketplace. For the better part of the last few years the talk of the town in L.A. has been focused on how hot and quickly FreedomPop has risen up through the ranks….

Joseph Bismark Pledges to Uphold Human Rights

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Yahoo Finance recently released an article about the QI Group as a member of the United Nations Global Compact Network – the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Within this adoption, QI pledged to adopt sustainable and responsible business practices under the UN initiative at the 2015 CSR summit. The accepting of the principles of human…

How Women Can Emulate Susan Mcgalla’s Success in Business

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Recent years have seen an increased number of women joining the business world. They have established a number of businesses and are also charged with the running of many businesses. Succeeding as a businesswoman is not easy. An aspiring businesswoman must be well prepared before venturing into the area. The tips below will help aspiring…

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