Most Notable Brazilian Authors

There are many authors in Brazil that have famously published many novels. There are a few that are the most popular and notable writers in all their works. Below are the top notable Brazilian writers of all time.

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coehlo is one of the top selling Brazilian authors of all time. He is widely recognized for his novels ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘Brida’. ‘The Alchemist’ sold so well internationally, that it has been translated into over 75 languages. Over 2 million copies of his work have been sold, ‘The Alchemist’ alone selling 65 million copies. Paulo Coehlo has received many prestigious awards for his works, including the Guinness World Record for the most translated book by a single writer.

Jaime Garcia Dias

Jaime Garcia Dias‘ passion of literature came from his father – also a noted writer – Arnaldo Dias. He took up writing at the age of 15. When he became older, he worked as a professor at Carioca Literature Academy – an academy that serves some of Brazil’s best literary writers, eventually being elected as president. By the age of thirty, he had ten published books, his most popular ones being ‘Fell from Heaven,’ ‘Two Ways,’ ‘Canal,’ ‘Clouds,’ and ‘Tiny’. His work has earned him the White Crane Award and ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize. Jaime Garcia Dias has published more than 20 books in the fiction category – making him one of the top fiction writers in Brazil.

Jorge Amado

Jorge Amado’s literature is known best for its context of economic and social differences in Brazil. He is best known for his books ‘Dona Flora and her Two Husbands,’ ‘Sandpit Generals,’ and ‘Gabriela’. ‘Dona Flora and her Two Husbands’ was such a success,that it was made into a film. Due to his leftist political beliefs, many of Jorge Amado’s books were banned in Portugal and Brazil. His work has won him the ‘Intellectual of the Year’ award from the Union of Brazilian authors. All together, Jorge Amado has written 21 novels. His work has been translated in 49 languages and has sold over 8 million copies worldwide.

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