Adam Sender started his art collection at a young age.

Adam Sender started his art collection at a young age. In the mid 1990’s, his time and success as a hedge fund manager has allowed him to, over the years, find himself an amazing eye for seeing and collecting the best of the best pieces in contemporary art. He also has an IMDB profile.

At the young age of 46, Sender has a monumental trove of work from the very best contemporary artists. He looks for artists that are more than a few years into their field and he most certainly can tell what artists are the best.
Over time his collection has become more rich in personal value than ever before. Sender has had some auctions here and there and private viewings of his collection, but neither the auction with at least 400 works from 139 different artists, or the home show with at least 70 pieces of art, represent his extensive, unique, and amazing collection that has sent him searching for new homes and holdings for his artwork. (LinkedIn)

Sender has an astounding number of contemporary pieces of art for his personal and private collection. “I’m not a chaser,” Sender states. “I’m a pursuer of great works by artists who have had long careers.” Sender knows what to look for in any piece of art. Many say that his collection could be easily described as a kaleidoscope.
There are many different types and designs that all speak to him on a personal level. He looks at conceptual art and minimalism art as whole bodies of work. They have to be in-depth, and have more to the eye than just something to look at.

Through out the contemporary art’s movements in the past few decades, Sender’s collection contains some of the most important works, ideas, and styles that have shaped the future of contemporary art.

Adam Sender is widely known to have one of the best Cindy Sherman collections around. When he bought the 1981 controversial artwork by Sherman, untitled but known as Black Sheets, he bought it for a relativity expensive price at $100,000. Considering at what it is worth today, it was a pretty good deal. Sender even collected work from Matthew Barney. He collected his work in depth and has even stated that he invented a new language of art, which shaped his collection in the future. “Every single thing I bought, I was passionate about. It grew organically.” Sender shared a bit of why he collected.ion.

Adam Sender’s collection now totals in over 100 million dollars in value, but it is more more rich in personal value. Sender even loans out some of his collection to museums and institutions which brought more private work to the public eye, some of these works haven’t even been seen by the US. Sender’s collection will continue to grow and expand into one of the most amazing and unique troves of artwork.

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