Brian Bonar and His Journey to Directorship of Dalrada Finance

Brian Bonar is the current Chairman of the Board of Directors at Dalrada financial corporation. His journey to the top post has not however been easy. It has taken him more than 30 years of experience, smart work, and innovativeness to reach where he is currently.

Brian started out his career at IBM, UK Ltd where he served for more than 17 years. While at IBM, he served various supervisory and managerial positions. It is here that his skills in finance and management were first put to the test. His experience was also a mind opener and laid out a foundation that his career would depend on heavily.

After leaving IBM, he joined QMS Inc, a manufacturing and Production Company based in Alabama. The company specialized in mass production of High-quality color and also offered monochrome printing solutions. He served as the Executive Director of Engineering in this company, a position he held for four years.

In 1988, he left QMS for Rastek Corporation a laser printing company also based in Alabama. Here he served as the Vice President of the sales and marketing Department. He held this position for two years before Adaptec Inc.

He later worked at Adaptec from 1990 to 1991 as the company’s Worldwide Sales Manager. In the late year 1991, he moved to Bezier Systems, Inc. this is a business in San Jose that deals with the large scale Production and sale of laser printers. Here he worked as Vice President in the Sales and Marketing Department up to mid-1992.

Looked at from a certain perspective, all this experience gained from various positions with the different companies seemed to prepare him for this one position he holds. Most of his career, has been spent in the sales and marketing departments. This department is the company’s backbone as its activities directed translate to the company doing better financially and its ability to remain afloat. Check out his Dalrada Financial profile.

It is with no doubt that he contributed to immensely to the financial growth of the companies in which he served. This continued when he joined Dalrada Financial Corporation. He joined the company as the Director of Technology Sales before being appointed the company’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing in 1994.

His innovativeness saw him successfully rise through the ranks to be the company’s CEO in 1998. Before his appointment as CEO however, he served as the companies Executive and Vice President, President and Chief Operating Officer. Brian must have contributed quite significantly to Dalrada; this evidenced by the fact that upon retiring as CEO, the company appointed him the Chair to its Board Management. It is his abundant skills in management and sales driven finance success that has made him the professional he currently is. Brian Bonar was written about by Modern Luxury here.

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